Happiness in RECHI ->Compensation and Benefits

We offer stable and a distinguished potential working environment, allowing talent to constantly create value! The company provides the basic labor conditions governed by legislation, including two days off every week and a comprehensive leave system, as well as regular motivational lectures teaching employees to maintain the correct balance between life and work. In respect of safety, health and work protection, in addition to labor insurance, national health insurance and pension fund such as basic welfare, each employee is entitled to enjoy regular physical check-ups and comprehensive group insurance. There is also a complete employee retirement system based on the standards of the“Labor Pension Act” and implemented firmly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Salary and compensation:
Well salary structure,
various kinds of incentive bonuses, including annual bonus, profit sharing etc.
Salary increase program etc.

RECHI upholds the principles of honesty and integrity. Those joining RECHI are insured with labor insurance, health insurance, and employee/dependent group insurance, which provide employees the basic protection.

Pension Fund:
In accordance with new labor pension, when the new employee on boarding, RECHI will immediately enroll him/her under the pension plan. The company would contribute additionally 6% of the salary to the staff’s personal pension account each month so as to provide protection for staff’s retired life.

Marriage/ Child-Birth Gratuity:
When employees get married, or when employees have children, RECHI extends our congratulations, along with a marriage or child-birth allowance from the Employee Welfare Committee.

Funeral Allowance:
When tragedy strikes employees or their families, RECHI mourns with them. In the funeral, RECHI will send condolence banners or wreathes, as well as condolence allowance, courtesy by Employee Welfare Committee.

Medical Allowance:
If employees are hospitalized, the Employee Welfare Committee provides a hospitalization allowance, as well as medical subsidies for serious illness or injury cases.

Annual travel allowance:
RECHI hopes that employees can enjoy life and arrange domestic travel annually or provide foreign travel allowance

Employee Welfare Committee Provide allowance:
Welfare allowance (gift) of three major holidays
Birthday allowance