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RECHI responds to net zero carbon emission for producing green low-carbon products : heat pump water heaters

RECHI strives to achieve global zero carbon emissions in 2050, and is responsible for the production of green low-carbon products. Ten years ago, RECHI started to cultivate the Taiwan market, and promoted commercial to use heat pumps to replace electric water heaters. So far, consumers has saved about 145950MWh accumulatively, and the energy-saving rate is more than 70%. The cumulative total carbon reduction is about 96000 metric tons of CO2e, which is equivalent to the carbon adsorption capacity of 250 Taipei Daan Forest Parks in a whole year. 

RECHI is the fourth largest supplier of rotary compressors in the world. With the vision of becoming the top provider of prospective energy saving industry, in order to derive the successful experience of heat pump dryers in the European market to the development of more energy saving products, ten years ago, RECHI cooperated with the Industrial Research Institute to enter the Taiwan heat pump water heater market, and used its technical advantages of DC inverter compressor, combined with the design of series modules, it has been achieved commercial products of heat pump water heaters are diversified and flexible , and the sales performance is widespread: factories, schools, dormitories, hotels, home stays, motels, medical institutions, golf courses, swimming pools, etc. It meets a large amount of water demand, and the environment can operate from 19.4 ° F to 109.4 ° F, is not affected by the failure of a single host, moreover, has constant temperature water. Although the initial equipment construction cost is high, it can be recovered in 2-3 years on average.

In addition, in order to solve the problem of small balcony space for Taiwan market, a small wall mounted direct heating all-in-one machine will be launched in August 2021, with LCD screen intuitive operation. Compared with traditional gas or electric water heaters, it can save energy and environmental protection, avoid gas explosion and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The whole series of RECHI heat pump products are tested according to the latest Taiwan CNS15466 standard air source heat pump water heater performance test method, and the COP values of heating under the condition that the water temperature rises by 40 degrees are>4.0 and 4.3, which meet the energy conservation standards of the Energy Standards Bureau of the Ministry of Economy. In addition, it provides 2-year warranty service for heat pump host and 3-year warranty service for compressor, so that consumers can buy and use at ease.

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