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RECHI responds to net zero carbon emission by adopting forest land

 RECHI adopted the 0.47 hectares of state-owned forest land in Fuhsing District, Taoyuan, under the jurisdiction of Hsinchu forest district office, planted 235 Liquidambar seedlings. In August this year, Hsinchu forest district office handled the afforestation land adoption licensing and on-site inspection activities were conducted. Feng Ming Fa, CEO of the group, led our colleagues to the site to participate in the activities and received a thank-you note from Wu Xue Ping, Secretary of Hsinchu forest district office.
RECHI is a link in the supply chain of green industry. It actively integrates with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), continues to strive to achieve global zero carbon emissions in 2050, implements the ESG environmental sustainability concept into the enterprise's business policy, and takes concrete actions to adopt trees in forest land to reduce carbon and increase oxygen, so as to reduce the global greenhouse effect. Liquidambar is a native tree species in Taiwan, which is a broad-leaved second-class tree with good carbon absorption capacity. We hope to plant seedlings widely, and foster them to grow into forests, and make a contribution to the conservation of this land.