Compensation and Benefits:
  The compensation and benefit policies of Rechi Precision Co., Ltd., are established on basis of the principles of “Devotion, Participation, Contribution and Sharing”. Through integrated performance management and promotion systems, we endeavor to help all Rechi employees to maximize their personal value and the corporate value in a fair, open and unbiased work environment.
Salary and Bonus:
  Rechi Precision Co., Ltd. has established a reasonable and rewarding payroll system according to the relevant regulations. We also offer different rewarding systems based on the different competency required.
Employee Incentive Schemes:
  Based on different competency requirements, the Company provides various incentive systems (including employee bonus, employee stock bonus plan, employee stock options, etc.).
Benefit Programs:
  The Company is devoted to improving the life quality of its employees, enabling them to achieve sufficient work-life balance. Apart from providing integrated benefit programs in all aspects of life, the Company also organizes various cultural and leisure activities from time to time.
Insurance and Retirement Programs:
  In accordance with the local regulations, the Company participates in various insurance programs (e.g., labor insurance, national health insurance, group insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, etc.) and allocates the relevant retirement funds, housing providence funds or pension funds, etc.
Leisure Activities and Personal Growth:
  The Company arranges employee tourism activities on a regular basis, offering the opportunities for physical and mental relaxation. Employees are encouraged to pursue further study and self-improvement.